Four Seasons 2
Stine Janvin
​Billy Bultheel

An der Apostelkirche 1
10783 Berlin

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week, CCA Berlin is organizing the second iteration of its musical evening series Four Seasons on September 15 starting 6:30 pm in collaboration with the Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche (Twelve Apostles Church) on Kurfürstenstraße, featuring live sets by Stine Janvin* as well as Billy Bultheel with Max Murray and Weston Olencki.

A sliding scale ticketing option is available at the door.


Photos: Peter Oliver Wolff/CCA Berlin

Vocalist, performer and sound artist Stine Janvin (NO) works with the extensive flexibility of her voice in relation to visual elements such as costume and lighting, as well as audio spatialization and the ways in which this can be used to channel physicality of sound, tangibility and trigger sensory response. Often inspired by electronic music genres, folk music and pop culture, Janvin creates audio visual works and live performances for a variety of spaces such as theaters, clubs and art galleries, and more recently websites and digital platforms. 

Since spring 2021 she has been touring with her latest live project Echoic Choir, co-created with choreographer Ula Sickle, which premiered at Wiener Festwochen and was recently presented at MACBA Barcelona, Mattatoio in Rome, Venice Biennial opening week and MUNCH in Oslo. 

Janvin has recently presented works at Performa Telethon, New York; Issue Project Room, NYC; Rokolectiv, Bucharest; Kunsthall Stavanger and MUNCH, Oslo; and Chords for Calling presented by Deutschlandradio Kultur and Berliner Künstlerprogramm. In autumn 2022 she will release a new book in collaboration with artist Cory Arcangel on the Brooklyn based publisher Primary Information. 

At the Twelve-Apostles-Church, Janvin will play a new piece for voice, Pop Coloratura, featuring echo and synth samples and paying homage to some of Janvin’s favorite pop songstresses.

Billy Bultheel is a composer and performance-maker based in Berlin and Brussels. Coming from a classical conservatory background and academic studies in the performing arts, Bultheel has developed musical performances that unfold spatially. He practices an extended notion of composition which includes performance, architecture and narrative as musical parameters next to harmony rhythm and timbre. His practice combines heavy electronics with medieval, baroque polyphony and performance. Bultheel has released on the record labels PAN and C-A-N-V-A-S. 

At the Twelve-Apostles-Church, Bultheel will present Shadow Tracks, a collection of compositions from 2021 written for brass quartet at the Ancient Amphitheatre of Epidaurus for the Satire Ichneutai (Trackers) by Sophocles. Here, rewritten for tuba, euphonium, organ and electronics adapted to the resonance of the Twelve-Apostles-Church in Schoneberg.
The compositions intend to give an impression of the first music ever heard by Apollo, played by Hermes on his lyre, who is hiding underground. Dumbfounded and unable to grasp the idea of music, Apollo finds himself, ear against the surface of the earth, paralyzed.

Musicians: Max Murray (Tuba), Weston Olencki (Euphonium), Billy Bultheel (Organ and Electronics)

*Stine Janvin’s contribution is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.