Alyana Cabral

28. Apr. 2024, 14 Uhr

Ort: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche
10789 Berlin
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Langit/Lupa (Heaven/Earth) is a concert performance by Filipino musician and activist Alyana Cabral and the first part of the public program alongside the exhibition Offerings for Escalante by Enzo Camacho & Ami Lien. On Sunday, 28 April at 2 PM, Alyana Cabral will give a performance together with a choir consisting of friends and fellow activists in the chapel (Kapelle) of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. Alyana Cabral is the composer for Camacho and Lien’s film Langit Lupa—the centerpiece of our current exhibition. Inspired by liturgical rituals and rites, the performance seeks to stage a ceremony in which lamentation and protest become one. In the Philippines, the church often serves as a site of refuge, mourning and contestation in people’s ongoing struggles for land justice and their collective actions against state brutality. Resonating with the exhibition, this sonic memorial is dedicated not only to the lives lost in the Escalante massacre, but also to those who were, are and still will be bearing witness to the immense catastrophe of war, displacement and political violence. 

Alyana Cabral wrote:"This performance is named after Langit Lupa, an experimental documentary by Enzo Camacho and Ami Lien. The film remembers the Escalante massacre of 1985 which exposes the brutality of the Marcos regime as well as the people’s relentless struggle for land and justice in the Philippines. As state violence continues to be fueled by US imperialism, there is a deep connection between landless farmers and indigenous people in the Philippines, and the displaced people of Palestine, whose land and resources continue to be taken away from them. This performance aims to be a collective ritual and sonic memorial for innocent lives lost."

Alyana Cabral a.k.a. t33g33 is a polydisciplinary artist, and singer / producer / DJ. Her aim is a queerification of sound practice through extreme explorations of the genre spectrum as well as through blurring digital and analog media. Through a haunting combination of voice and synthesis, she organically traverses from soft to brutal forms of electronic music. Alyana’s ritualistic live performance practice is a culmination of blood, rave, and energy. Their music aims to decolonize and liberate, exploring manifestations of love, freedom, and bliss from bodily to astral planes.


Alyana Cabral, Langit/Lupa (Heaven/Earth), Performance, Chapel, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskriche, CCA Berlin, 2024. Photos: Diana Pfammatter/CCA Berlin