Readings for Ukraine
Danik Zadorozny
Olga Bragina
Nata Yeromenko
Iya Kiva

Hosted by Maru Mushtrieva + FRZNTE

In response to the criminal Russian regime’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine, Maru and FRZNTE decided to cancel their original performance and instead use their collaboration at CCA Berlin to platform the voices of artists and poets in and from Ukraine. The list of participants is growing as we speak. They will read translations of texts written from various sites of the war and in support of Ukraine.

Andrey Shental reads Danik Zadorozny's "Russian warship, Idi Nahui" in Russian and FRZNTE in English ( Translation by Yuliya Charnyshova)

Mikhail Lylov reads Olga Bragina's "Diary" ( Translation by Maru Mushtrieva)

Nata Yeromenko "Day 4 Of War" ( Written in English, audio recording)

Elena Vogman and Maru Mushtrieva read from the cycle of poems " People of Donetzk" by Iya Kiva ( translation by Maru Mushtrieva and Eugene Ostashevsky) and "how to explain ourselves ..." and "we are the feather-grass carpet of silent hope" by Iya Kiva ( Translation by Maru Mushtrieva)

In accordance with the current Covid-19 regulations, the 2G+ rule (vaccinated or recovered as well as boostered or tested) applies. Wearing an FFP2 mask is obligatory.

Maru Mushtrieva, born in Kyzyl-Syr, Yakutia, Russia, is a researcher, performer, and text-based artist based in Berlin since 2006. She studied comparative literature at the Free University Berlin. An attempt to look at text production outside of classic literary practices defines most of her curatorial and artistic work leading to collaborations with artists, choreographers, filmmakers, and musicians. She worked as a researcher/ co-writer for choreographic pieces (Ula Sickle, Begüm Erciyas) and as a guest lecturer in media theory at Academy of Art Berlin Weißensee. 

FRZNTE is an East Berlin-born DJ, pole performer, and cultural producer. In her performances, she combines pole-dancing with tech-noir aesthetics creating a mesmerizing visual experience that celebrates the human body and female empowerment. Most recently, FRZNTE joined forces with Apex Anima for Pop-Kultur Festival 2021. She performed with Peaches at Deutsche Oper Berlin; on a bridge crossing the Spree during a performative boat ride by The Performance Agency; and for Tilman Hecker’s piece Rochambeau (Study #2) at Volksbühne / Next Waves Theatre.